Exceptional federal recruiting resources…

from a subcontracting partner focused on helping small to midsize prime contractors win bids, rapidly scale project teams, source and manage scarce technical resources and ensure the successful delivery of technical solutions.

Softworld Federal Government’s mission overlaps with the corporate mission and we are working towards the same goals. Within the government sector, we strive for relationships with our clients which enable us to be viewed as a “technology partner” as opposed to a pure “staffing partner.”

At Softworld, we provide the IT talent to get projects done. Short-term staff augmentation. Full-time hires. Federal Government solutions.

Our commitment is to find the right technical professionals for every client and project…and the right project for every technical professional.

Why choose Softworld?

Exceptional Talent Resources.

As a result of our recruiting engine and experience working with secure facilities, Softworld is better able to find and successfully recruit consultants with the clearances and technical skills prime contractors require — for any location in the United States.

Faster Delivery.

Because of our proactive approach to sourcing and deep talent networks, we are able to fill job openings faster than our competitors — typically in 24 to 48 hours.

Headache-free Experience.

Because we are more of a consulting organization than a “staffing agency”, we go beyond simply providing talent. We offer market data, technical expertise, and in many cases customer knowledge at the agency level to government programs.

Productivity and Performance.

Because we are better able to assess each candidate’s technical skills and industry knowledge, we are able to match the right people to the right projects.

Peace of Mind.

Softworld is able to build the project teams prime contractors require to successfully execute contracts won.